Core veneer is the main raw material for the production of plywood before coating the film to finish the product into a Film Faced Plywood product.

According to the conventions of manufacturers, core sheets are tied into bundles of 20 sheets before being manually loaded onto trucks, this method saves space in the trunk, but it is easy to tear the core and take a lot of unloading time and costs.

At Nhat Minh CI Film Faced Plywood Factory, we make a convention with veneer suppliers on how to pack and load veneer on vehicles: Veneers are tied 20 sheets/bundle, about 72 bundles/package, each Packages using wooden pallets and plastic straps for packing.

With this method, the process of loading and unloading from the truck takes place quickly, saving a lot of time and effort and helping the veneers not to be crashed and reduce quality.