After the stages: assemble raw board, cold press, face repair, hot pressing, … basically the film-coated plywood core has been shaped in terms of size, thickness, bearing capacity, …
Like other wood products, after hot pressing the raw plywood always has cracks and small gaps on the surface that need to be treated with patching, .. this stage is called the 1st putty work.
The putty material consists of the following ingredients: Animal bone glue, stone powder, wood powder, water, … mixed in appropriate proportions to form a flexible, flexible mixture when used and after drying become to solid, good adhesion, little shrinkage and the most similar physical and mechanical properties to core veneer (peeling board).
After 1st putty work, the raw plywood is dried for 12-24 hours before moving to the stage of surface scrubbing.
In addition, according to the production process of NhatMinh CI, the first stage of plastering has additional tasks: Classification of thickness, detection of core and face defects, …, the faults one must be back the previous stages to repaired, only standard boards will continue to move to the next stages.

Author: Nhatminh CI