“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together” is a famous saying of American billionaire Warren Buffett (born in 1930). Along with that point of view, Nhat Minh CI always consciously chooses for itself companions to go “long trip”, which is to develop, raise and maintain the quality and brand of Film Faced Plywood with logo NhatminhCI and VietnEM.

Raw material suppliers

As a reputable manufacturer, the Company has announced and always implemented the Warranty and Return Policy seriously.

To do that, Nhat Minh CI must strictly control each stage of the production process to ensure that its Film Faced Plywood are always of high quality as committed.

In addition to standardization and uniform application of the production process to the workers, the selection of reputable raw material suppliers is also a top important factor.

Supplier selection criteria are always based on the following factors: material quality, brand reputation, supply ability, reasonable price, etc., to accompany Nhat Minh CI to launch high quality Film Faced Plywood, typical as follows:

Melamine Glue E2 Melamine Glue E1, E0 Industrial flour Film Papers
chemstationasia.com aica-dongnai.com Vimaflour.vn

Loyal customers

Nhat Minh C&I always expects and is proud of being the manufacturer and direct supplier of Film Faced Plywood, construction timber, scaffolding, plywood production machines … for the leading enterprises in the field of construction, wood processing and and many large projects throughout the country.

We are step by step confident with our continuous efforts and aim to build a solid foundation for quality products, good service and competitive price.