1.  Domestic orders

Payment currency: VND;          Payment method: Bank transfer or Cash;            Payment records: According to tax accounting standards;              Dossier of origin of goods: According to the provisions of law.

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Individual customers

Retail customers when contacting the ordering website will first be introduced to the nearest Dealer to buy the Film Faced Plywood product lines produced by Nhat Minh CI.

If the delivery location is far from the Dealer and close to the Factory, the customer can deal directly with the Company’s sales department. The payment procedure is as follows:

  • If the goods are transported by means of the buyer, the customer pays 100% of the order value when the goods leave the Factory;
  • If the goods are transported by the seller’s vehicle, the customer must pay a deposit for the rental of the transport vehicle before shipment and pay the remaining value of the order immediately after receiving the goods at the delivery address;

Construction Contractor Customers

Nhat Minh CI does not supply Film Faced Plywood directly to Construction Contractors, if that Company has been or is an Agent’s customer without consulting with the Agent in charge of the delivery area.

Payment procedures for customers who are Contractors shall be carried out according to the agreement of the economic contract between the two parties.

Agents – Trade Partner

Agents enjoy preferential prices, delivery time, overlapping debts, … and sales constraints, payment conditions according to Nhat Minh CI‘s agent policy.

Trade Partners are partners who place orders for domestic sale or export in bulk. Payment conditions are subject to the Contract signed between the two parties.

 Special requests Orders

Special orders: Dimensions, thickness, materials, Logo… are subject to separate payment requirements:

Individual size

The size is not the same as the standard size of Plywood, Film Faced Plywood: 1220*2440 mm.

The edges are bent, rounded, chamfered, perforated…for the purpose of erecting formwork or other interior products.

Payment conditions: Customers must pay 100% of the value of the order when confirming the order, the Company can issue a contract performance guarantee if requested by the customer.

Private materials requirement

Specific requirements for the type of Core veneer made from high-class woods such as: Eucalyptus, Rubber, …

Specific requirements for Glue are different from standard Melamine 15% brand AICA or BETTER RESIN that the Company is mass producing.

Request for a custom-designed Logo or other surface material than that of conventional formwork faced film.

Payment conditions: For orders with specific requirements for materials, customers must deposit 30% of the order value before the Company conducts production and pay 70% of the remaining value of the order at delivery time.

2. Export orders

If you want to learn more about Nhat Minh CI’s payment policy, please click Contact.

Unit price and delivery conditions:

Nhat Minh CI Company signed export contracts with international partners based on the terms and conditions of Incoterms 2010, Incoterms 2020.

The usual unit prices and delivery conditions the Company applies to export orders are: FOB at Hai Phong port and CFR at the customer’s destination port.

Payment methods

Customers can choose the following payment methods: T/T; L/C or D/P depending on the terms of the sales contract between the two parties..

Nhat Minh CI fully provides customers with Test Certificate, CQ, and CO certificates with sample forms to take full advantage of tax incentives of Free Trade Agreements – FTAs – between Vietnam and the importing country. .

The payment currency specified in the contract is mainly US Dollars USD or other currencies permitted by the Law of Vietnam and the Law of the importing country.