The packaging and transportation process of Nhat Minh CI Film Faced Plywood is strictly regulated, unified and standardized like other production stages.

The form of packaging depends on the transport route, means, brand identity elements, etc. to ensure the appropriate form, save costs, and is safe for people and goods to arrive at the place of delivery.

Packaging costs are already calculated by default in the product unit price when quoting, an additional cost may be incurred by the customer when requesting a higher packing level than the default packing in the quote.

Standard Options of packing

Option 1:

Applicable: For small volume orders (<100 pieces), short shipping distance <30 km, the number of panels of each package is flexible;

Materials: Wooden pallets, 3-5 plastic straps, no packaging, only horizontal packages.

Vehicles: Small vans, tricycles.

Option 2:

Apply: For small and medium volume orders, medium shipping distances (under 300 km). The number of plates of each bale is flexible.

Materials: Wooden pallets; 5-7 plastic belts, iron belts; The top and bottom of the plank are covered with cardboard, sealed with 4 corners and wrapped with protective plastic film.

Vehicles: Combine trucks, mid-size trucks, floor trailers,…

Option 3:

Apply: For large volume orders, export orders. The number of Film Faced Plywood in each package is standardized to match the size of the container.

Materials: Wooden pallets 3-4 pcs/bale; 7-10  iron belt; All six sides are covered with protective carton.

Vehicles: Container tractor, large tarpaulin truck

Option 4:

Application: For large volume orders, export orders with high requirements on the quality of the Film Faced Plywood as well as the packaging specifications.

The number of Film Faced Plywood in each package is standardized to match the size of the container.

Materials: Wooden pallets 3-5 pcs/bale; 9-14  iron belt; The package will be wrapped with thick plastic film and then wrapped with a 3mm thin plywood sheet.

Vehicles: Container tractor.


Nhat Minh CI provides customers with a variety of transportation vehicles from Container tractor to trailers.

Customers can also transport goods by themselves, the factory is responsible for loading and unloading the goods on the vehicle for free.

Depending on the distance of transportation, the method of loading and unloading at the delivery point, the factory chooses the standard packing option and the appropriate means of transportation.

Close range <100 km

At this distance the travel time is short, the boards are unloaded at the delivery point by manual methods. The factory will provide transportation services by tricycle, minivan,…with the cheapest price.

The form of packaging usually applies the standard level 1 of packaging to save costs directly deducted from the selling price to customers.

Especially when the shipping distance is <30 km, the order quantity is >200 pcs. Nhat Minh CI will free shipping for customers

Average Route is from 100-300 km

At this distance, the means of transport are very diverse, including large-sized tarpaulin trucks, floor trailers, and container trucks. The way of loading and unloading goods on the vehicle is calculated to facilitate unloading by crane.

The packaging method applied is mainly standard option 2, but customers can also save more by cutting back on cartons and plastic wrap.

Customers will be provided with enough documents to prove the origin of goods to ensure smooth circulation on the road.

Long Route or Export

At this distance, the means of transportation of Film Faced Plywood are mainly trailers or tarpaulin containers.

The form of packaging applied is standard packing option 3 and 4, however, customers can also save by applying level 2 but must increase the number of metal strap.

For direct export orders, Nhat Minh CI meets all delivery conditions under EXW, FOB, CFR,…with the fastest and most economical procedures.