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Nhat Minh C&I is constantly exploring and introducing customers with eco friendly products. Our guideline is to use environmental protection products to protect your family’s health.


Continuously improve technology, enhance capacity and product quality

In order to become the leading company in the production of Bamboo Film Faced Plywood in the vibrant and constantly changing environment, we always focus on improving technology to increase capacity and product quality.

Always Tend to Customers

– Always bring to customers the best, the fastest products and services
– Satisfy customers’ diverse needs with added services
– Establish the close and persistent relationship with customers

Dynamic, Creative

This target is always focused and promoted in Nhat Minh C&I. We always understand that the dynamic, creation is the leverage to help Minh Minh C&I become the leading company. The dynamic and open environment in Nhat Minh C&I always encourages and receives new ideas, dynamic and creative individuals.

Cooperation, sharing, trust

– The team strength is the factor that creates the power of Nhat Minh C&I. The union is created from the combination, complement the strengths of each individual in the company with the ability and individuality.
– Establish a reliable and respectful working environment.
– Create development opportunities for all members of the company