After being asemble by an automatic conveyor belt, Plywood were cut to a preliminary size of about 1280*2500 mm (finished Film Faced Plywood size is 1220*2440 mm) and stacked according to the appropriate quantity.
The raw plywood waiting to be cold pressed will be cured in a dry space so that the water in the glue evaporates more and the glue film shrinks.

Usually this process takes from 2-8 hours depending on the glue used, the humidity of the weather.
With experience, NhatMinh CI technical staff will check the information of the plank package, touch the surface of the glue film, … before putting it into the 400 ton Cold Press machines.

The effect of the preliminary cold pressing is to shape the plywood core, making it easy to fix the face, the hot pressing process is convenient, avoiding errors: swelling, layer separation, face separation.
The cold pressing process of Film Coated Plywood usually lasts about 3 hours, pressing pressure is about 9 kG/cm2.

The board after cold pressing has enough hardness, adhesion and flatness for moving, flipping the board, not softening during face repair and waiting to be put into the hot press.