2nd Putty work takes place immediately after Edge Sawing work. The target of 2nd Putty work are:

  • Patching missed surface defects and shrinkage in 1st Putty work stage;
  • Remove products with sloughing surfaces or unsatisfactory surfaces after Sanding;
  • Filling the board edge gaps appearance after sawing. Fix the Edge of board which has jag fibers af after cuting (if any).

The second putty mixture includes the following ingredients: Phenolic glue, TALC powder, stone powder, wood powder…

The workers make thin putty, clean the surface,… Phenolic glue helps the putty to dry quickly and harden, increase the adhesion with Phenolic contained in the film paper.

The cost of the Putty work stage 2 is quite expensive, but it helps to increase the aesthetics of the product’s surface and reduce the rate of defective goods.

Nhat Minh CI is one of the very few manufacturers that adds a second Putty work to the production processing.

Author: Nhatminh CI